Willesden Green Area Guide

General Location

Willesden Green combines the excitement of a Greater London location, with easy access to all of the facilities and locations that you would expect from such a locale; with the perks of a quieter, increasingly more family orientated area.

Indeed, Willesden Green is seen very much as an upcoming Middle Class area, with many pointing towards the increased price of property in Central London as heralding an exodus to more outlying areas of London by those with less stratospheric incomes.

These more outlying areas of London have benefitted from the cash injection that the presence of more affluent residents has brought; becoming a self-perpetuating cycle as more well-to-do people move in to take advantage of the improved facilities and prospects that the area offers.

Average Property Prices

Due to the increased process of gentrification in the area, property prices continue to rise. Home owners can currently expect to pay just under £600,000 for a property, which is quite a bit above the London average.

The property prices in the area have been steadily increasing for years, they’re already over double what they were in 2000; the quicker that buyers get in, the more value they’ve gained

Average Rental Prices

Rental prices in this area are also considerably higher than the London average, coming out at just over £335 per week for a two bedroom flat with a four bedroom house expecting to fetch over £1000 per week. At just over a quarter more expensive than the average per week rental price, this can be considered the price of entry to such a comparatively affluent area!

Transport Links

Willesden Green is in the optimum position of being far enough from the centre of London to be comparatively peaceful and idyllic, while also being close enough to have superb transport links.

The Willesden Green underground station is on the Jubilee Line and is located in zone 2; with close proximity to central London you can get to Canada Water, London Bridge and Waterloo in around 30 minutes.

Willesden Green is bordered on all sides by underground and over ground train lines, with access being especially easy to the following underground stations:

  • Neasden
  • Dollis Hill
  • Willesden Green
  • Kilburn
  • Kensal Green

In addition to the following over ground stations:

  • Willesden Junction
  • Kensal Rise
  • Brondesbury Park
  • Brondesbury

As you would expect from a location such as this in London, there is also plentiful access to bus routes and taxi services.

Schools In Willesden

Willesden Green also offers a great deal in terms of education, with the area being particularly good at catering to young families; there are plenty of primary schools in the surrounding area; over 40 when including mixed aged group schools. Including secondary and sixth forms, there’re another 15 or so educational establishments; families in Willesden Green have plenty to choose from when it comes to the education of their progeny.

Eating and Drinking

Due its growing affluence, Willesden Green is fast increasing its complement of quality bars and restaurants. Despite this rapid growth in quality, the pricing of such leisure services; pubs and restaurants in particular, remains at a reasonable level, especially when compared to traditionally more up-market areas around London, which have achieved notoriety for their exorbitant prices over the years. The Willesden Crown and The Green are two particular standouts in terms of drinking establishments. In terms of restaurants to recommend, one of the area’s most acclaimed additions is Sushi-Say, a family-run Japanese restaurant of exceptional quality and reasonable price. Other eateries around the area offer a range of exciting options, from Gastropubs and Indians, to more exotic fayre like Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine.

Leisure and Shopping

As an up and coming residential area, there’s a fair amount available in terms of leisure facilities in Willesden Green, including three gyms and a number of parks/green spaces. Gladstone Park is of particular note, being the largest in the surrounding area; and offering commanding views of London from its 65-metre-high hill. As it is still primarily a residential area, there are still not a great deal of shops available within the Willesden Green area, short of a few local supermarkets and independent stores; if you’re looking for some serious retail therapy you would need to travel further into London.

If you’re interested in buying or renting property in Willesden Green, view our available Willesden properties, alternatively, you can visit us. Our Willesden office is located at 77 High Road; a short walk to the South-West of Willesden Green Underground station. For more information about this branch, get in touch.