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How to make your rental property feel like a home

about 1 month ago
How to make your rental property feel like a home

Moving into a new rental home is an exciting time and there is a lot to take care of. But once you have settled in you will want to turn your attention to making it look and feel like your own. In this article we’ve put together some tips on how to make your rental property feel like a home.

Add some lights

Lighting adds dimension to any room and it’s an easy and cost effective way to bring warmth into the space too. Ceiling lights are great, but floor and table lamps create more intimacy – go one step further with candles which feel really personal.

Accessorise to your heart’s content

The small details really make the biggest differences around the home. Things like books, ornaments, framed photos all mean something to you and you alone. They fit in anywhere round the home and don’t take up much space either.

Figure out the storage

Storage can sometimes be an issue in rented homes and there is nothing worse than clutter. Furniture with built-in storage will be a great help, such as beds with drawers, or cabinets or sofas with space underneath to safely keep items organised.

Enjoy the luxury of textiles

Whether it’s a rug on the living room floor, hallway or in the bedroom, they add style, warmth and personality to the space. The same is true for sofa throws and cushions, making it feel more homely and inviting – even some colourful towels in the bathroom can make the world of difference.

Go green

Plants bring a natural air into the home while also helping to purify the air to make your home more healthy. Whether it’s a stand-up plant in the living room or hallway, or just potted plants for the window sill, they bring colour and relaxation to make your home feel like it belongs to you.

Dress the windows

There is no shortage of options when it comes to dressing your windows. If you don’t like the curtains or blinds already installed in your rental home, shop around to find the style and colour that best reflects your tastes. Don’t forget to put the old ones safely away so they can be rehung when you leave the property.

Do a spot of painting

As long as it isn’t too outlandish, your landlord may allow you to do a touch of decorating around the home – they certainly won’t complain if it’s an improvement on what’s already there! Even touching up a single wall can make all the difference to how the room looks and feels. Of course, it depends on the landlord, but it is always worth asking the question.

Use modular furniture

If you do not have lots of space available in the property, large bulky furniture may not be the best option. Instead, modular furniture could do the trick, with smaller sofas and individual armchairs creating more of an illusion of space, so you feel like you have room to stretch out and relax.

Thinking of renting property in North West London?

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