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10 Things Renters Are Looking for in a Property Right Now

about 1 month ago
10 Things Renters Are Looking for in a Property Right Now

The pandemic has changed a lot in the past 2 years – including the things tenants want when they are searching for somewhere to live. From pet ownership and private outside spaces, to cheaper costs and parking assistance, it’s helpful for landlords to know what tenants are prioritising. Here are 10 things renters are looking for in their rental property search.

1. Pet allowance

Renters are looking for properties that allow them to look after a pet in their home, a requirement that increased last year and has continued into 2021. This is particularly true for renters living by themselves, and for those spending more time working at home, with pets providing some companionship.

2. Balconies

A balcony featured in a flat or apartment above the ground floor gives renters the chance to create their own little garden and place of escape outdoors. They are a great place to entertain with friends, can be used for extra storage and enable people to get outside without much effort.

3. Gardens

Going to the park is great, but nothing beats having your own private space. It’s no surprise that renters have this high on their wish list when it comes to finding their ideal home. From gardening to relaxing and socialising, gardens give renters more space to enjoy all year round.

4. Furnished homes

With deposit fees and removal costs, some renters can find the experience to be expensive. This is many tenants prefer furnished spaces as it means they do not have to find extra funds for things like sofas, beds and kitchen utilities.

5. Garages

Parking can be sometimes be difficult in London – especially if you want to park close to your home. Having a garage gives renters peace of mind that they don’t have to pay extra for fines or licences. And if they don’t drive, garages are also great places to use for extra storage.

6. Bills included

Depending on where a tenant is renting in London costs can be quite high, so many renters look for listings that offer the inclusion of bill payments each month. It can cover anything from council tax to utility bills – it tends to vary depending on the type of property being rented (HMO/studio/flat etc.).

7. Parking

Similar to the point above about having a garage, being given a dedicated parking spot can make a huge difference to a renter. It offers more security and less hassle if they drive to and from work – while also reducing the cost of paying for a parking licence from the local council.

8. New build

Some renters prefer living in new build properties as they believe it offers a better quality of life. Energy ratings tend be higher, newer boilers are installed and overall they should experience less of the structural issues that come with living in an older property.

9. Terrace

Terraces have become an increasingly desirable thing for many renters in North West London. It offers a space to enjoy the outdoors even in built-up areas and works as a great alternative to a balcony or garden, allowing renters to socialise and entertain friends and family in private.

10. En-suite

Having an en-suite bathroom is an attractive feature for renters that live in HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) properties. It means they do not have to share washing facilities and are afforded more of their own space and privacy – while also not having to rush their bath or shower because someone else is waiting to use it.

Letting Out Your Property in North West London

If you’re looking to let out your property, the Regal Estates team can help. We have over 20 years’ experience in helping landlords across North West London successfully let their properties. Our expert team can provide a professional rental valuation and advise you on the best ways to maximise your rental yields. Contact us today on 020 8459 2530 or email lettings@regalestate.co.uk.

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