Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

HMOs or more commonly referred to as Houses in Multiple Occupation, or house shares, are generally properties that have been broken down into rooms or self-contained studios, forming more than one household in a shared house where rent is charged per room.

By charging rent by the room landlords are able to maximise the possible rent obtainable from the property.

The basic concept of HMOs are simple but to make it work effectively, you need knowledge and the right experience in order to maximise your rental yields. We’ve extensive experience in helping landlords with their houses of multiple occupancies, and can demonstrate how we can help to maximise your rental income. So if you are consider exploring HMOs or already have an HMO property but need help getting the most from it.

Regal Estates are your local HMO expert. We are able to provide advice and consult with you on HMOs in Brent, Willesden and the surrounding areas. If you have or you’re considering turning your property into a multiple occupancy property or just need guidance on HMO property licencing in and around Brent we are able to help you let and manage your HMO.

We are able to do the following:

  • Offering reliable advice and a feasibility study on whether your property would be suitable as a HMO.
  • Go through the local council guidelines and legislation as to what is required to turn your property into a HMO.
  • Aid you in physically converting your house into a HMO via our partner property maintenance company.
  • Guide you on room rent rates in the area based on current demand for room lets.
  • Let your HMO property by the room, room rentals, studio rentals in Brent and other London locations.
  • Fully manage your HMO property within the local council guidelines and HMO legislation.

Within Brent there are different licencing guidelines that are in force in relation to HMOs and these are:

  • Mandatory Licencing
  • Selective Licencing
  • Additional Licencing

We have a consultancy service to guide Investors of Houses in Multiple Occupation properties and other licences within Brent and other London Boroughs and we can assist with your application in addition to managing your HMO.

If you have rooms to rent or you’re considering turning your house into a HMO in Brent, Willesden Green, Willesden, Neasden, Kilburn, Kensal Rise, and the surrounding areas call us on 020 8459 2530 for more information.

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