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What is a Tenancy Deposit Scheme?
Posted Dec 18, 2019

Paying a deposit at the start of a property rental is often the most expensive part of the process. By law it must be protected by landlords throughout the tenancy. To help you understand why they...

New Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards for Landlords
Posted Nov 26, 2019

New Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) were introduced on April 1 2018, making it illegal for landlords to let a domestic property in England and Wales with a rating of F or G on Energy...

10 Top Tips for Landlords
Posted Oct 30, 2019

Letting a property is far from straightforward and landlords are required to keep on-top of a wide range of practical and legal requirements during any tenancy. Being unaware of your...

Renting Out Your Own Home
Posted Sep 30, 2019

Renting out your property is more than just receiving the rent each month and enjoying a new monthly income. There are a number of things you have to consider before allowing tenants to move in....

New HMO Requirements in Brent
Posted Sep 10, 2019

Due to new laws implemented from October 1 2018, any property with five or more unrelated residents from at least two separate households living in a three storey property will require the...

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