Property Management in Willesden Green

We recognise that many residential landlords do not have the time to manage their tenanted properties. Whether it’s a single property, HMO or a portfolio of properties across North West London; property management may be an appropriate solution for you.

We take pride in our property management services and aim to ensure the smooth running of the tenancy process. We currently manage hundreds of landlords with property assets worth over £400million which continues to grow. We pride ourselves on ensuring we place the right tenant for your property and successfully manage the whole process thereafter.

We also find most properties that are managed tend to renew for longer periods and at higher rents with more satisfied tenants as we can deal with emergencies and issues in a responsive manner. Our property managers are also trained to assess issues and contact one of our approved contractors to provide you and tenants with both temporary and long-term resolutions.

We manage over 80% of the London properties that we let as we want to provide a consistent service to our tenants, we also find this benefits landlords as we can ensure they are legally protected and any issues that arise are dealt with early on to avoid escalating problems.

Below are a few key reasons why landlords choose our property management service:

Landlords are far too busy

We have landlords from all walks of life, some are accidental landlords who have re-located out of London, some are portfolio landlords who are based outside of the country and others just do not have the time to efficiently manage their property, that’s where we step in. Our property management team can help save you time by managing your property assets so you can continue with whatever you need to do or love doing.

Knowledge & Legislation

In addition to not having enough time, the ever-changing face of lettings and tenancy laws means that many landlords simply cannot keep abreast of current tenancy laws and therefore pass the responsibility of ensuring they are compliant with all aspects of tenancy law to us to manage. As the government looks to crack down on rogue landlords we are here to ensure that you comply with the law and legislation for landlords.

Check out our blog for the latest lettings legislation updates.

Creating a business relationship with their tenant

Many landlords through experience have learned to keep relationships strictly professional with tenants, of course it is wonderful to get on with your tenants and we strongly encourage it. However, we have found that when we act as a managing agent on behalf of the landlord it sets a formal tone to dealings and therefore each party, whether it’s the landlord or tenant, are kept compliant, ensuring a smooth business relationship moving forward.

Monthly statements

Many landlords, especially portfolio landlords, do not have the time to check bank accounts and keep up to date with their many property investments, let alone send a receipt statement to tenants each month. With our property management package, we take care of the tenant statements and provide you with a landlord statement each month which comes in handy when managing your finances and certainly helps at the end of the year when it comes to your tax return.

Access to reputable and efficient tradespeople

We have access to reliable, efficient and professional tradespeople, including tradespeople we have successfully dealt with time and time again who have the correct trade insurance policies in case things go wrong. The value of having access to our network of tradespeople itself is often a reason landlords choose our management package. We also have an in house team of tradespeople through our partner Regal Property Services.

For a full list of what’s included in our property management package, click here

Our property management team is based in Willesden Green and have over 20 years’ experience in helping landlords maintain and manage their rental properties.

If you are looking for property management in Willesden Green, Dollis Hill, Harlesden or the surrounding North West London area contact us today for more information on our property management service or to book an appointment to discuss your options further.