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Pets to Become Default Position on Tenancy Agreements

about 1 month ago
Pets to Become Default Position on Tenancy Agreements

Pet ownership in the UK has become increasingly commonplace in recent years. This is especially true over the past 18 months whereby the COVID pandemic caused a surge in pet adoption and ownership.

In fact, statistics show that more than 50% of adults in the UK now own a pet.

With this huge surge, the attitude towards pets in the rental sectors needed to be look at. Pet owners have always been at a disadvantage when looking for a property to rent because many landlords were not prepared to take the risk of having pets in their properties. This was based on the view that all pets could create problems in terms of damage and repairs. Ultimately this led to a blanket ban on accommodating pets for most tenants.

Viewed as unfair by those who owned well-behaved pets, the government have now reviewed the Model Tenancy Agreement and have put forward a new one, which came into effect on the 28th of January 2021.

The New Model Tenancy Agreement

Under the new Model Tenancy Agreement, which Housing Minister Christopher Pincher announced, blanket bans on pets by the landlord will not be allowed. Instead, the new default position will be consent for pets. So, a landlord must review applications of renting a property with pets without any bias and will have 28 days to object to a written pet request from a tenant and have a solid reason to do so.

The new Model Tenancy Agreement will allow tenants to accommodate pets much easier than before because it is up to the landlord to prove why a pet cannot be allowed on the premises. But tenants must be wary of the fact that the Model Tenancy Agreement doesn’t change who permits the pet. Instead, that power stays with the landlord.

For example, it is unreasonable to have a large dog in a 120 square meter apartment, which gives the landlord the ability to deny permission without any issue. However, having a much smaller pet such as a hamster, on the same property shouldn’t be a problem.

Overall, the updated Model Tenancy Agreement has been written to level the playing field between tenants who are pet owners and tenants who are not and has to a large extent, accomplished what it set out to do. The agreement has ensured that tenants who are pet owners can no longer be discriminated against, while landlords are still very much in control of who and what they allow into their property.

Are you looking to rent a property in NW10?

At Regal Estates, we work with many landlords across Willesden GreenDollis Hill, Neasden and the surrounding NW10 areas, helping them to adhere to all letting’s legislation and regulation. If you’re looking to rent a property in the NW10 area, we will always work hard to meet all your requirements – even if this involves finding a suitable pet-friendly property. Within reason, if our properties are large enough to accommodate your pet and do not affect other occupants, then there should be no issues for pet owners*. Call our expert lettings team today on 020 8459 2530 or email lettings@regalestate.co.uk for more details on our pet-friendly properties.

Alternatively, you can browse all our properties available to rent in NW10, here.


*Please note that ultimately, it’s up to the landlord whether they think the property is suitable for pets. However, they must have a valid reason for refusing.

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