Kilburn Area Guide

General Location

The area of Kilburn is located in North West London located closely to Central London, and has a rich history, with its origins in traced back to a 12th Century priory. The road that runs through the middle of Kilburn, Kilburn High Road, was itself once a major Celtic thoroughfare, so the area has had plenty of time to mature! Kilburn today has an incredibly diverse ethnic makeup, which ensures that the area provides a varied and exciting cultural experience. Of particular note is Kilburn’s rich Irish heritage; the area is often identified as having a large, if not the largest, Irish population in London and this has left an indelible mark on Kilburn’s cultural landscape.

There are also large Afro-Caribbean and Middle-Eastern populations in the Kilburn area, all of which contribute to the area’s unique flavour. Kilburn is considered to be one of the least expensive places to live near the centre of London; situated just outside the of the pricey property regions surrounding Hyde Park and Regent’s Park, offering the location’s benefits, while leaving less of a dent in terms of price, however this is also changing as London moves outwards.

Average Property Prices

In terms of what you can expect when it comes to prices for purchasing property in the Kilburn area, you could be looking at in excess of £300,000 for a one bedroom flat. Given the affluence of some of the areas surrounding Kilburn, you could also easily find yourself paying way over £2 million for larger, more desirable properties.

In terms of average prices; a flat in the Kilburn area would be around £500,000, a terraced house around £1,100,000, while a semi or fully detached house would set you back in the region of £1,700,000.

Average Rental Prices

Rental prices are similarly reasonable for a location so close to the centre of London. A small one bedroom flat can be rented for around £250 a week with a bit of luck, though, the per week cost can rise as high as around £1200 a week, for larger properties with 6 or more bedrooms. In terms of average rental costs in Kilburn; the average weekly rent for a flat is £538, while the average weekly rent for a house is £1183.50.

Transport Links

Kilburn’s location, so close to central London (zone two Jubilee Line) which means that residents have a wide range of travel options at their disposal. Kilburn offers easy access to prime London stations including Canada Water, Canary Wharf, London Bridge, Stratford and Waterloo in less than 40 minutes.

Schools in Kilburn

The location of Kilburn in London ensures a wide range of schools to choose from in the local area, including a range of specialist religious schools, as well as a number of private schools, including University College School, Rainbow Montessori and Mulberry House School. Given the multitude of transport links in the area, even if a discerning parent is unable to find a school which they favour in the local area, it would be no great difficulty to select another one further out in London.

Eating and Drinking

As you would expect from an area with such a diverse cultural demographic, Kilburn has a lot offer those looking for a fun night out, or lunch. Restaurants choices in the area take in a wide range of cuisine, including Afghan (from ‘Ariana II’), Chinese (from ‘Speedy Noodle’), Italian, (from ‘Casareccia’), African (from ‘Buka’), as well as more traditional fayre like gastropub style cuisine (from ‘The Salusbury’). Drinking venues in the area lack the sheer variety offered by the local restaurants, but make up for this through quantity and quality; local pubs include ‘The Black Lion’, ‘The Bridge House’ and the ‘Corrib Rest’. More fanciful drinking experiences are offered by venues such as the fairground themed ‘Betsy Smith’ bar, or the Tiki styled ‘Sugar Cane’.

Leisure and Shopping

Kilburn’s extremely close proximity to central London also means that residents have superb range of leisure and shopping possibilities open to them. The usual gamut of supermarkets and grocery stores can be found in the area, as you would expect, as well as a few local boutiques. There are a range of leisure options in the Kilburn area, though one of the most prominent is the Tricycle theatre, a local fringe theatre which puts on its own plays, and shows a range of both arthouse and mainstream films. The Charteris Sports Centre provides a local outlet for sports fans; offering a range of activities including martial arts instruction, badminton, basketball and a gym.

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