Kensal Green Area Guide

General Location

Long thought of as a less than desirable area of London in which to reside; Kensal Green has undergone a dramatic reappraisal over the last few years. Rapid gentrification has sent house prices on a steep upward trajectory, with the quality of life and residences in the area seeing a corresponding spike. This rapid shift into a modern, desirable residential area has brought with it changes both practical and aesthetic.

A broad range of exciting new shops, restaurants and bars have sprung up in recent years; catering to all tastes. The local independent cinema is of particular note, though the amount of celebrities now living in the area may well save you the ticket price! Properties in up and coming London areas like Kensal Green are a great investment; the more money that comes into the area, the higher the value of properties. The earlier property owners get into the area, the higher the gains that can be potentially achieved! Worth Noting: when it comes to referring to the area, the names Kensal Green and Kensal Rise are used largely interchangeably by locals. Kensal Rise was once the trendier of the two monikers/locations, but continued gentrification is continuing to make the distinction an irrelevance. Located close to Central London in Zone 2 this areas popularity continues to grow.

Average Property Prices

As discussed above, the increased gentrification and popularity of the area mean that prices are consistently rising; some properties in Kensal Green have grown in price by nearly 4x since 2002.

To purchase a 2 bedroom terraced house in Kensal Green, you’d be looking to spend around £650,000 to £750,000. This is almost double the average house price for London, two bedroom flats in Kensal Rise Starting at over £400,000 and with many properties over the £1million mark; though it’s fair to say that you get what you pay for with Kensal Green!

Average Rental Prices

As you would expect from Kensal Green’s property prices, the cost of renting in the area is also considerably higher than the London average. Taking a two bedroom house as an example, again, you’d be looking at spending close to £2000 a month in rent and the average two bedroom flat to rent in the area at around £1500 per calendar month.

Transport Links

In a similar way to other suburban London areas, like neighbouring Willesden Green, Kensal Green offers the benefits of a comparatively quiet suburban neighbourhood, along with close proximity and easy access to many of London’s most exciting attractions. Kensal Green is surrounded by a number of underground and over ground stations, providing a number of choices to Kensal Green residents on their commute or leisure time.

In terms of underground lines, Kensal Green runs on the Bakerloo line with the Jubilee, Northern, Victoria, Central, and Circle, Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City lines easily accessible.

The following underground stations are easily accessible from Kensal Green:

  • Kensal Green
  • Willesden Junction
  • Kilburn Park
  • Westbourne Park
  • Ladbroke Grove
  • East Acton
  • North Acton

As are the following over ground stations:

  • Kensal Green
  • Kensal Rise
  • Queens Park
  • Brondesbury Park
  • Willesden Junction
  • Harlesden

As with many other such London locations, Kensal Green also plays host to a number of regional taxi services and bus routes, making travel a breeze.

Schools in Kensal Green

There are a great many schools in the Kensal Green area; there are at least 16 schools within a mile of the centre of Kensal Green, from Nursery to College level. This isn’t massively surprising considering the suburban evolution of Kensal Green and the wider area; even the most discerning parents are likely to be able to find the ideal educational establishment for their kids.

Eating and Drinking

The number and variety of bars and restaurants in the Kensal Green area continue to rise with its affluence and international popularity. Indeed, specialist American and French expat schools in the region have ensured that influences from both nations are felt particularly strongly around Kensal Green; a newly opened barbecue restaurant (Austin’s Smokehouse) is currently nestled nearby a brasserie (Parlour), an Italian restaurant (Rullo’s) as well as a Middle Eastern/North African influenced eatery (Comptoir Mezze).

Whatever your favoured cuisine, the Kensal Green area should cater to your tastes in a more than satisfactory manner. When it comes to pubs and bars, Kensal Green has more than its fair share; including the popular and historic Paradise by Way of Kensal Green pub, the hip THE SHOP bar and the notable The Chamberlayne Pub and Steakhouse.

Leisure and Shopping

Kensal Green has a lot to offer in regards to leisure and shopping, with many charming boutiques and practical stores to be found around the area. Chamberlayne Road, which acts as Kensal Green’s high street, is definitely worth a look. Recently voted the hippest street in Europe by Vogue, Chamberlayne Road, and neighbouring College Road, boasts a number of the most elite fashion and designer boutiques in London, which themselves service some of the city’s most affluent, famous residents. The aforementioned Lexi independent cinema can also be found on Chamberlayne Road, which caters to a more diverse range of tastes than the average multiplex. Combined with local parks, sports grounds, and leisure centres like the Moberly Sports and Education Centre, there is plenty for Kensal Green residents to enjoy in their leisure time.

Find out more

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