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Why Physical Viewings Are Better Than Virtual Viewings

10 days ago
Why Physical Viewings Are Better Than Virtual Viewings

With the nation in lockdown once again, and the property market continuing to operate, it is likely virtual viewings will come to the fore again.

There is no denying virtual viewings have a role to play in the property and lettings market, both right now, and as we move forward.

However, as convenient and beneficial virtual viewings are, it should be stated in our experience without a doubt that physical viewings are better than virtual viewings.

At Regal Estates, we are happy to help you as best as we can, and we know the benefits of virtual viewings. However, for landlords, tenants, buyers and vendors; the importance of seeing a property in person cannot be overstated enough.

1. Visiting a property allows you to see the local area
When you buy or let a home, it isn’t just the property that matters. You want to feel at home in the local area. By visiting the property for yourself, you also get a chance to explore the local surroundings.

For this reason alone, physical viewings will always have a part to play in the property and rental market.

2. Physical viewings give you the best feel for a property

Virtual viewings are helpful for gaining insight into a home, and there is a lot to be said for viewing and reviewing a home virtually before arranging a physical viewing.

However, before you commit to making an offer or applying to let the property, you want to see it for yourself. The vast majority of people will only make a property commitment after they have visited the place and inspected it for themselves. This is common sense, and while dealing with the pandemic has limited people’s ability to view property for themselves, it hasn’t removed how vital it is people get a feel for the property.

By visiting a house and looking around, checking out the nooks and cranny’s, you can feel confident about making an offer or not continuing your interest.

3. Physical viewings engage all the senses

When you review a home, you can’t just consider the visual aspect, even though it is likely to be the most important thing. A prospective buyer should consider if there are any nasty smells in the home or local area that may reduce their enjoyment of the property.

It might be that the house suffers from draughts which can make the home feel uncomfortable, and even hint at problems which might cost a lot of money to resolve.

4. With a physical viewing, there is a chance to engage and ask more questions

Yes, with some virtual viewing set-ups, it is possible to ask questions while viewing the property. However, this isn’t always the case, and when it is, it can often feel like a stilted process.

We all know that safety is paramount right now, and this means people cannot congregate together. In the long-term, though, a physical viewing with full engagement between the prospective buyers and an agent creates a dialogue.

For the tenant, this makes it easier to ask questions and to have a conversation about the home and local area. For the landlord or agent, if you feel the need to discuss something, or to provide tips about the home or local area, it is easier to do so when you are with a person, and speaking face-to-face.

5. Physical viewings give you a better ideal of who you are dealing with

We cannot state enough how important it is to meet a tenant face to face before commiting to rent your property to them. Now more than ever selecting the wrong tenant can be detrimental to the return on your investment, especially given the current eviction proceedings due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic.

At Regal Estates we are well versed in what to look for in a quality tenant both face to face and on paper.

If you are interested in our lettings or property management services or you are looking to buy, sell, let or rent property in or around Willesden Green, Neasden, Dollis Hill or within North West London, call us on 020 8459 2530 and a member of our letting agent team will be happy to help.

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