Government U-turn On Evictions Ban


Last Friday [21st August 2020], the UK Government announced an extension of the stay on evictions until 20 September and stated their intention to extend notice periods in England to six months.

In relation to the extension of notice periods, the UK Government has stated its intention to give tenants greater protection from eviction over the winter by requiring landlords to provide six months’ notice in all cases apart from those involving anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse perpetrators, until at least the end of March.

We believe the legislation is currently being updated and awaiting guidance. Once the legislation with the Coronavirus Act 2020 is amended along with dates for implementation we will keep you updated.

As it stands, until the Coronavirus Act 2020 is amended, three month notice periods are still applicable. We do not know when the proposed changes will be published and Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) officials do not appear to have been ready to publish regulations as the announcement was made.

The Housing Department statement also points out that most landlords have supported tenants. It says they have shown “understanding and leadership”, with 8% of landlords reducing rents.