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Block Management Case Studies

From small house conversions to large blocks of flats, our block management service – RAM MGT Services – has helped numerous clients manage their property. Take a look at some of our recent case studies for our block management service in Willesden Green and the surrounding areas.

Edgware, HA8

One of our clients who was a leaseholder in a block of four flats approached us to say they were having issues with their current block management company and freeholder and being charged extortionate service charges and fees – RAM MGT Services assisted all four leaseholders in approaching the freeholder to acquire the freehold for a discounted sum and assisted in taking on the block management.

Willesden Green NW2

We were approached by two leaseholders in a block of ten (all leaseholders of which had a share of freehold) who were having internal disagreements regarding apportionment of service charges between each leaseholder and had unmaintained communal areas, we took on the block management and assessed the leases in detail before proposing a clarification to all leaseholders in line with the conditions of the lease. This was agreed upon by all leaseholders and now we manage the block efficiently with happier leaseholders!

Marylebone NW1

Four leaseholders with share of freehold formed a management company who were self-managing however this was not effective and were looking for a more efficient block management company, we assisted them with service charge budgeting, fire risk assessment which was required and advice on setting up a reserve fund for future projects.

Harlesden, NW10

A client recently acquired a freehold due to a previous absent freeholder and comprised of five flats. There were urgent historical maintenance issues that needed resolving, a section 20 consultation was undertaken and the block was managed for the freeholder thus maintaining the leaseholders' interests and freeholders’ investment.