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Block Management Services in North West London

RAM MGT Services was formed in 2013, as a separate entity to our existing and well-established Lettings and Management Company based in North West London.

We formed this company due to demand from our lettings and management clients whom are freeholders, portfolio property owners, developers and leaseholders who needed a professionally managed block and a company to take care of the legalities and day to day running of their freehold company.

We are committed to providing an effective add-on solution to these clients and today we manage many blocks ranging from small house conversions through to blocks of 12 flats or more. We only take on the management of blocks within a 10 mile radius of our office so that we can effectively manage your block. We offer block management services in Willesden Green, Willesden, Dollis Hill as well as other areas within the London Borough of Brent.

Due to the growing demand of block and freehold management services in the vicinity and the requirements for compliance with current legislation pertaining to block management, we believe we offer a full solution to prospective clients.

We also comply with the current edition of the RICS code of practice.

What is Block Management?

Block management is the process of managing leasehold residential properties on behalf of the freeholder/leaseholds. The term management in summary means collection of service charges and ground rents for the block, organising of communal works and maintenance of the property ensuring the block is running smoothly and the block is legally compliant for example in relation to health and safety and building insurances.

The leases dictate how the block is to be managed and at RAM Mgt Services we offer a bespoke block management package, it’s bespoke as no two leases are identical and blocks need to be managed in an efficient way.

We manage blocks of flats and apartments throughout North West London and look to establish strong relationships and lines of communication with each leaseholder. A block can be considered anything from a 2-flat conversion into 100+ apartment blocks.

If you would like to know more about our block management services in Willesden Green, Dollis Hill, Neasden and other areas within the London Borough of Brent, take a look at some of our recent case studies. Alternatively, if you wish to instruct a managing agent or wish to change from your existing managing agent call us on 020 8459 2530 and ask to speak to the block management team.

What RAM MGT Services offers you from our block management services?

  • Proposing and agreeing service charge budgets for the year
  • Preparing of a reserve fund considering future works (if any)
  • Collecting service charges in line with the lease conditions
  • Inspecting common parts in line with lease conditions
  • Negotiating contracts and repairs
  • Interpreting leases, capital expenditure plans and lease conditions
  • Facilitating insurance claims to support leaseholders
  • Managing the block effectively as per the lease conditions for example neighbour issues such as parking, noise, nuisance, disagreements etc.
  • Effectively diagnosing on site problems
  • Improving the block and living conditions to ensure everyone is living in a safe environment
  • Arranging fire risk assessments as necessary
  • Instructing and advising solicitors to deal with breach of lease as well as debt collection and recovery
  • Liaising and negotiating with cleaning, gardening, window cleaning and other facilities contracts to ensure negotiations at a fair price for all parties
  • Arranging building insurances as well as directors and officers, plan and public liability
  • Maintaining correct records of what we do for audit trail
  • Appointing and arranging chartered accounts to prepare service charge accounts

Where you as a Client are a company, you'll also find us:

  • Arranging - The Annual General meeting
  • Appointing - a Company Secretary to maintain the statutory registers and file the annual return
  • Instructing - a Chartered Accountant to prepare the company accounts